Lindens Torg

Very well run commercial centre in the middle of Kungsbacka outside Gothenburg. Built in 1996. Differentiated tenant portfolio -Systembolaget, municipality, school, kiosk etc.


Commercial centre in Kungsbacka, outside Gothenburg

7 000 m2 offices, school and retail

Purchased 2004

Managers at Realkapital Investor

Other properties

Rådhusgata 9

Office building in Kvadraturen

Rolf Olsens vei 30-32

Industrial park at Åråsen

Åssiden Næringspark

Mixed use property in Åssiden, Drammen

Håndverksveien 8

Logistics building with building size of 8 520 sqm.

Grini Næringspark 8

Logistics building with building size of 11 920 sqm.

Ole Deviks vei 10-14

28 000 sqm. at Bryn, Oslo