About Realkapital Investor

Realkapital Investor buys, develops and manages commercial property. Our approach to the sector is industrial with value created in all phases of the projects.

Normally properties are sold once the business plan drawn up at the time of purchase has been implemented. As a result, we do not hold a larger portfolio than the properties under development. The average ownership period for a property since the company was established in 2002 has been 4 years.



In Realkapital Investor we are always on the lookout for the best investment properties in the market, and we have a unique multidisciplinary team that continuously evaluates risks and opportunities.

Since 2002 the company has delivered an IRR in excess of 50% on realised projects.


We welcome approaches by telephone or email from capable people. We are looking for people with enquiring minds, who have the capacity for hard work and action, and who want to create something.