Investment philosophy

“We will transform bricks into gold” – Our vision says something about who we are, what we do and the results we wish to achieve as a company and on each individual project.


Our investment philosophy is to buy commercial premises with a potential beyond what is normally expected. This may involve being first mover into an area, it may be about creating unique concepts that attract the market or about showing financial or architectural creativity.

We also buy cash flow properties, but only where the property is likely to be fully let and where there are alternative uses. Expertise and experience from development and value-added properties is of particular importance when we buy cash flow properties. Long and secure cash flows are good, but even better if they can continue further into the future and if there is also extra potential in the property. If tenants move out, experience and know-how from challenging properties are important for recreating the cash flow and values.


We are motivated by challenges and creating opportunities. We are engaged and prepared to take the initiative. We know that values are created when one is actively present in the development and management of properties. This is what we are known for – and it is here that we can contribute to giving investors added value.


We work closely together in small project-based teams and inspire each other to deliver more than expected. The way in which we work makes us very flexible, and we can grasp opportunities as they arise.


We divide an investment into 3 phases: purchase, development and exit. All play an important role in how we generate results over time.

Finding the right investment is much about having access to numerous opportunities, through our network, in the open market and through searches, and then having the mechanisms and systems to evaluate such opportunities. For each property we buy we will typically have rejected 49 in the selection process.

We are particularly concerned that the tenants in our properties are our customers and that they are satisfied with us as manager and owner. At the time of purchase we make a thorough analysis of the tenants, the markets in which they operate and what is needed for them to continue to lease space in the property.

Once the property has been taken over the next phase begins and we implement the business plan we have prepared during the purchase phase. By having the right tools, know-how, experience, energy and financial resources we are able to “transform bricks into gold”.

The exit phase Is important for demonstrating value. Properties should ideally be sold when the market is good, when they have been fully developed or when other market participants can use their expertise to realise additional values. We have solid experience and the expertise to secure the right exit, both in terms of time and values.

Our investment philosophy is to buy properties with a potential beyond what one can normally expect.